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Mid-Tier Business Prize 2014 – Entrepreneur of the Year in the Main-Kinzig area


Short Description:

Awarded for outstanding entrepreneurial achievements by Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft e.V. (BVMW) – Landesverband Hessen

Hessian State Prize 2017 - The Ministry for Work, Integration and Social Affairs


Short Description

Awarded for its exemplary efforts to offer employment and integration for severely disabled people


DQS - Certification Quality Management System

170407 DQS ISO 9001 2015

Short Description:
DQS GmbH certifies that the company WKSB Isolierungen GmbH has introduced a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015.

This ensures the introduction of a system warranting a process of continual improvement. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority. Additionally, processes have been introduced that aim to not only make corrections but avoid mistakes for the benefit of the customer.


Quality Management Certificate

170407 IQNet ISO 9001 2015 engl 1

Short Description:
Certification for the implementation of a quality management system.


Kaimann – Participation in Qualification Measurement of the Kaimann GmbH


Short Description:
Certificate for the participation in a qualification measurement held by Kaimann GmbH on the following topics:

This ensures:
- ccompetent processing of Kaiflex insulation material in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidelines as well as approved technical rules


Armacell - Certified Specialized Company in Insulation


Short Description:
As a high-performance specialized company, WKSB Isolierungen GmbH meets the high quality criteria and possesses knowledge of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), MLAR, DIN 4140 and AGI regulations.

This ensures:
- competent processing of Armacell products
- regular training
- expansive specialized knowledge of Armacll products
- warranty extension


Thank You Note of the Kinderzukunft Foundation

20111205_102255 kopie
Short Description:
WKSB Isolierungen GmbH does not only focus on high quality but also strives for social commitment. We support the Kinderzukunft Foundation by sponsoring a child within the initiative.


Proof of Reverse Charge for Construction Services (Download)

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Exemption Certificate concerning Tax Deduction for Construction Work



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